Saturday, April 3, 2010

I can't build a card tower worth a shit, but I sure do like trying.

ive been to the hills and I've seen some shallows of the valley. They all have a similar sound.
Every experience notes a notion of imperfection
Whether my next tumble proves an uphill march or a bottomless stumble
one thing im quite sure is that I'll become more than what i was before.

true experiences are remembered
more often, it's the experiences that deem us ruined that we remember well.

I've built more than I realize. decisions have become playing cards on coffee tables
sometimes i build them high
they fall, but I can try once again.
What truly amazes me,
is when i simply stop building with the intent of a higher structure
and start laying the cards down as memories of failure and of success.
because they all hold the same shape.

because some win the great lottery
and some teach me that my pride was only a facade.

the lottery means nothing compared to the experiences i can share.
at least for me.
it doesn't matter if i never taught a soul.
and it surely doesn't matter if i become a legend.

what matters to me, is hearing how you build your cards
and what you did when they starting tumbling down.
i like knowing how you felt when the cut you deep
and I'm curious sometimes, you never really noticed.

The lottery is just an end.
and i want to keep going.

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