Monday, March 23, 2009


Over the past 25 minutes, and mostly the past 2 months, I have become more and more inspired, specifically the past 25 minutes.

To create.

Many things. I won't give them all away in detail, only the structure of what they are, more so that I remember, so that I can keep up with my ideas.

1. Book Pieces ( such as etchings into pages... )

2. 3-4 Big pieces. Canvas, Metal, Anything. (Mediums)

3. Stiching, Threading, Sewing into canvas, scenes, pictures, with many forms of material, mixed media.

4. Large Sketches, like 5ft by 5ft. (Charcoal, Pen, Other. Maybe Watercolor fill... full bodies?)

5. Paintings. More Paintings.

6. Installations involving, but not limited to, Picture Frames and Film, Negatives.

7. Bullet Casing Art.

8. ...

going to add to this later.

check it.


  1. My cousin does Mixed Media / Fiber Art in Philadelphia. Her stuff is always on display at some art gallery around there.


  2. i want a portrait of jenn, jenn and i!!!